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Not all used cars fetch the same kind of resale value. There are some used Renault Duster in Bangalore which fetch better price than the other brands. We do know that the age of the car and the condition determines

The last few decades of technological innovation have seen huge changes in almost every aspect of the business world. Everything from how we communicate within our company to how quickly we can respond to problems has shifted with the new

Denim jean is a boon to the people searching for anytime clothing. It can be worn with a t-shirt, top and shirt. You do not have to think twice on the various kinds of clothing combinations with denim jeans in

If you are out to buy a car and if you’re an Indian then a hatchback is probably on top of your priority list. And Hyundai i20, without an iota of doubt, is the best in its segment. You can

Seek a car AC repair specialist to ensure that diagnosing your condition, tools and operations can be used.You will find the key reason why a car ac problem happens – it may be due to a malfunctioning compressor, clogged condenser,