3 Ways Technology is Reshaping Business

The last few decades of technological innovation have seen huge changes in almost every aspect of the business world. Everything from how we communicate within our company to how quickly we can respond to problems has shifted with the new technology.

But just as before, when we moved from an agrarian society to an industrial one, there have been both good and bad that has been the result of these changes. We know that today we are a less active society, with the majority of us sitting in front of screens for way too much of our day. The result has been a growing obesity challenge, lower back problems that result often in surgery to correct them and an increasing sense of isolation both at home and at work.

But while these problems brought about by the growing sophistication in our technological world may be true, we have also gained so much from these changes. Today you can choose to work from home part of the time, conference in fellow workers and even stay connected when working in remote locations on distant job sites. So, what does the ordinary office worker gain from this new technology? It turns out, quite a bit.

Staying Connected

It used to be that if you worked in sales you got used to the fact that most of the time you were out there on the road, and disconnected from any support from your home office. With the advent of the cell phone much of that changed.

I remember having an early cellular phone, the size of a shoe box, and being tickled by the fact I could walk out of a meeting, call my clients to tell them the offer being made and walk back into that office ten minutes later with a counter offer before anyone else.

Today sales staff are constantly connected to not only their own managers but also to every member of their team thanks to software such as Microsoft’s dynamics 365 sales application. This cloud based application keeps all members of the team in touch, allowing sales staff to work at will and make deals that fit with the big picture.

All without having to return to the office between meetings. It is a good example of how many of today’s offices are simply extensions of the team, with the technology in place to connect everyone.

Increasing Productivity

It is hard to be more productive if you don’t know where the slack areas are in your business. But with today’s technology, particularly the ability to work with data at a tremendous rate, businesses of every industry are finding they can pinpoint their productivity bottlenecks and solve the problems before they arrive.

From New York City to San Francisco, businesses small and large are finding that simple everyday tasks within a larger project can be handled with automation. This allows their employees to concentrate on the creative side of the job, and become productive in ways never before imagined.

Growing Collaboration

Of course, one of the biggest boons to the technological age is the blooming of collaboration. From the remote worker who video conferences in on the planning stages of a project to the work at home mom who connects with other work at home moms to plan their new business, collaboration online and in the cloud, has changed the business landscape. Together with increased productivity and the connectivity of technology, we are seeing a whole new way of doing business.