5 Reasons Why Woodland is the Best Brand of Shoes for India

The aero club which is the parent company of Woodland Shoes was an award-winning export house of Delhi. They were mainly associated with the leather casual shoes and industry boots. In 1992 after Russia broke down into several socialist states, Aero Club suffered a heavy loss due to the withdrawal of business in Russia. They were also left with a heavy inventory of shoes which were made for exports to Russia. This led to the development of the brand Woodland by launching those shoes in the Indian market. Initially, it was launched in 2-3 outlets in Delhi at the south extension-2 and Connaught Place. Along with this a lot of big shoe stores also started to keep stock of Woodland Shoes. Since then Woodland never had to look back, today there are hundreds of flagship stores all over the country and abroad.

The Woodland shoes are mostly made of very thick buff leather and even have leather laces. The upper part of the shoe is hand-made and hand stitched. The sole is mostly made of hard leather. They are available in five different colours khaki, black, olive, camel and a mixed colour which is a combination of these colours. The shoes are very stylish and can be worn with trousers, denim or cargo trousers and shorts. We have a huge stock of different categories and sizes. Here are the few important reasons which made Woodland the best brand of Shoes in India.

  1. Woodland Shoes are Highly Durable

The most important factor which made the Woodland shoes famous overnight is the durability of the shoes. Customers can wear the shoes for 5-6 years even with heavy usage. This is especially true for the G-0092 model of the shoe which was one of its first launched shoes. Here the number 92 signifies the model was launched in 1992 and G indicates gent’s variety. With little care, the shoe can last up to a decade though you would be bored of wearing the same shoe again and again and would love to give it to charity. This factor increased the brand loyalty of Woodland. The customers go crazy about buying Woodland shoe.

  1. Every Woodland Shoe Manufactured is Almost 100% Eco-friendly

Woodland is committed to the cause of pollution-free eco-friendly environment. This is the reason they are made through a process which causes minimum harm to the planet. The brand Woodland ProPlanet is an initiative by the manufacturers to grow more responsible to the environment.

  1. Woodland is a Global Brand

Woodland is adding around 40-50 stores in the country every year. It has a turnover of around Rs 1300 crore last year. The brand is capable of catering to the imagination of the youth as far as shoes are concerned. This brand gives a lot of emphases in crafting a designer shoe for the young generation. They have already established their retail presence in Hong Kong, South Africa and Moscow. Now they are planning to move further ahead in the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) countries and also into Western Europe.

  1. Woodland is the Preferred Footwear Brand by Adventurers

Woodland is the most preferred brand of footwear for the adventure lovers. The shoes come with activity focused designs and technologically advanced category of material are used in crafting the shoes. The research and development facility of the company works round the clock to ensure innovative and effective products are manufactured by the company. The raw materials for the shoes like the soles are manufactures in-house to give 100% quality assurance.

  1. They Upgrade Their Technology Everyday

Woodland uses German Technology in the manufacture of tough rubber soles. Italian machinery is used by the company for tanning and finishing the hand-picked Italian hides used in the production of higher-end shoes. Direct Injection Process (DIP) is used for the production of PU/TPU soles. The machinery is produced by German giant Desma’s advanced machines and robots. So, it can be said that woodland continuously strives to innovate themselves in the creation of high-quality shoes for the national and global market.

So, these are the 5 important reasons which made Woodland the most trusted brand of Indian shoes. This perfect synergy of design, material and construction is the secret of their enormous success. If you wish to own genuine crafted Woodland shoes, please visit our website at https://www.gofynd.com/woodland. We have a huge collection of them.