Guidelines to take Care of Your Breast Implants

After cosmetic surgery, you will be extremely happy to have well shaped breast as per your desire. However, the need to maintain them is quite essential. Here are a few tips regarding this.

A few valid points to take care in case of implanted breasts:

  • Many patients have the misconception that the surgery and the post treatment is concluded in a week’s time. Every implant procedures varies in accordance to the treatment required and the instructions of the surgeon needs to be followed strictly. Take more time to rest adequately before starting your routine physical activities.

  • Don’t try to lift heavy things for at least a fortnight. Avoid doing strenuous exercises for about one month then gradually you can start doing exercises.
  • You need good supportive accessories for your newly implanted breast. You need to choose a bra that really fits your breast and the straps do not let your boobs to sag down. You can wear sports bra while you are exercising. Just remember that your boobs shouldn’t bounce or move.
  • It will be beneficial to go for mammograms to know if you have symptoms of breast cancer. After having breast augmentation make sure to get the tests done, which will help you know whether you are suffering from breast cancer or not. In case, the diagnosis shows that you have the disease then get appropriate treatment. This helps in saving yourself from severe illness.
  • Go for daily massage to ensure your implanted boobs can move up and towards the middle of the chest. This will make you feel like they are real breasts.

  • Maintain your body weight. Loosing body weight will make your breast tissues to loosen up leading your breasts to sag. If this happens then you may have to undergo treatment for breast uplifting.
  • Have an oral antibiotic before consulting the dentist for treating your oral health disorders. In some rare cases, capsular contracture occurs due to the spread of bacteria in the blood stream while you have dental check up.

To maintain your beautifully implanted breast, the need to follow instructions of your surgeon is mandatory. Try to follow their easy to do suggestions. This will help you avoid saggy breasts and you don’t have to again visit your medical advisor to do the implant again. To know more about taking proper care of your implanted breasts visit informative links designed by popular surgeons like Elise Bernier.