How to Improve Your Retail Game with an Online Store

There isn’t a retail store owner out there that doesn’t want more sales. After all, getting more sales from the same amount of investment is what the retail business is all about. The great news is that there is a way to get more sales for a relatively small amount of investment and it is sitting right there in front of you right now. I am talking about e-retail.

Even if you don’t know an online payment processing software program from a database, you can be up and running with relatively little time and money spent. That is because today there is both a huge uptick in the number of people who shop online and there are many great and inexpensive programs that will create a web-based business for you pronto. So, what are you waiting for? If you aren’t sure why this is such a good idea, let me share a few choice bits of information with you.

The Growth of E-Retail

While it was true at one time that what you sold online was only a small part of the sales pie, that is no longer the case. In fact, just last year Fortune Magazine did a piece on the growth of e-retail that blew most folks socks off. It turns out that as of June 2016 over half of all retail sales were made online. What is more, almost half of those purchases were made from a smartphone.

This kind of information makes it easy to see why creating your own online retail presence is a vital part of any retail business today. If you don’t do it you are just walking away from money on the table. Since I don’t know anyone in the sales business who does that, it is simply time to get your fair share of the wealth.

Amazon the Giant Killer

Did you know that actually outsells most brick and mortar businesses these days? This is a business that didn’t make a penny for its first few years and today is outselling the biggest names in retail. While you may not be able to command the kind of traffic that they get, it is worth thinking about how many retailers actually make a nice living off of Amazon.

That is because they act as a third-party seller for many small retailers, and it pays off nicely for everyone. So even if you don’t sell huge, having an affiliate store that makes some money from Amazon’s customers is another way to make some cash off the huge boom in retail sales online.

Go Where the Customers Are

Chances are many of your customers are already online, shouldn’t you be too? Those loyal customers may get lost if you don’t give them options they want. Many retail businesses use newsletters about monthly sales and special events to bring those online customers into their stores.

So, use the internet to swing both ways, and get in-store customers to buy online and online customers to shop in your store. It is the best of both worlds and a great way to cross promote everything you sell, no matter how you sell it.