Record live lead generation courses online easily with Movavi Screen Recorder

Lead generation is the lifeblood of any business, irrespective of industry. Thus, it’s only natural that you and your sales team are always on the lookout of lead generation courses to up the sales figures. The online space is bustling with several live courses on lead generation strategies that you can catch up anytime. But what if you have an urgent chore to complete just when the live course is being broadcasted? Sadly, online video sites don’t offer video download provisions. However, no need to freak out as Movavi Screen Recorder will put all your woes to rest here. Released by leading software developer Movavi, the program is able to record live streaming videos and save them in PC so that you can check them later.

The post below explains how to capture live streaming lead generation courses online with Movavi Screen Recorder.

Download & install

First, you will download & install Movavi Screen Recorder in your system.

Set capture parameters

Open the video & draw a neat capture frame over it. Users can adjust the capture frame manually for complete precision. In case you wish to capture the video at optimum resolution, you have to select monitor name in Full Screen.

Capture audio

Now, how to record streaming audio? You will definitely need to listen to what the experts are saying about lead generation and the video will be useless if you don’t capture the audio too.

Capturing live audio is a breeze with Movavi Screen Recorder. You will simply need to click on the System Audio symbol to record the sound of the video.

Start recording

Just go to REC tab and click on it. After 3 seconds start playing the video and immediately the Movavi program will commence recording. You will find Pause, Cancel and Stop tabs to control the recording process as per your own preferences.

Convert and save

Do you wish to convert your recorded video? It’s only smarter to convert it into a widely accepted format. Movavi Screen Recorder helps with video conversion as well. So, go to Save As and choose a format option, like MP4. Then, just click on Save and your converted video will be saved in a snap.

Features of Movavi Screen Recorder

  • Able to record all kinds of live videos online
  • Able to record in-game sessions and desktop screencasts
  • Capture audio with video and that too from multiple sources
  • Able to convert videos into any popular video format

Useful tips for users

If you are short of time to sit through the entire recording, click on alarm clock. It will activate the program’s in-built timer where you can set the recording duration. Once you set the duration, the Movavi Recorder will start to record and will stop automatically once the duration is reached.