The Best Dry Herb Vaporizer For Your Unique Needs

There’s a few key elements you need to consider when trying to figure out which is the best dry herb vaporizer to suit your individual needs. Cannabis culture encompasses a huge variety of people from all manners of living and the fact is that producers of these kinds of devices all market their creations to sometimes very different demographics. This means some companies will prioritize certain features over others depending on the types of people they hope to attract and make sales to. For example, some vapes will keep stealth in mind much more than others, and other variations include ease of use, size and fit, heating methods, or raw performance.

The most important and possibly broadest distinction to be made, however, is most likely that between stealth and performance. Do you for whatever reason need to sneak in a quick session without being noticed sometimes throughout the day? Or do you live a lifestyle that allows you to enjoy the liberty of consuming your cannabis without worry of consequences if seen or smelled?

Next is a question of ease of us versus control and performance power. Generally if you’re a senior citizen you may not be too allured by certain models with their fancy smartphone applications that connect by bluetooth and control vaporizing temperatures. The best dry herb vaporizer in this case might be one you simply turn on, wait, then puff away, with little concern to what exact temperature is creating the vapor. All price ranges offer designs that are on this spectrum and it is up to you how seriously you’d like to enjoy your vaping sessions.

Lastly to consider is the simple matter of personal preference in terms of how it fits in your hand, how heavy it is, what it looks like. Do you want a badass looking chrome fitted vape that could potentially look like a lightsaber of sorts? Or do you want something that looks like a an asthma inhaler for ultimate discretion? This choice should ideally be your lowest priority but of course, everybody is different, so feel free to order this process any way you like to find your best dry herb vaporizing companion.