The newest styles in women’s tops this season

We list the most breathtaking styles in tops for women, and present reasons why you should own each of them this summer.

Every summer, there are new styles in women’s clothing designed to entice and keep the wearer comfortable and chic. This year, the emphasis is on women’s tops – there are some excellent new styles and designs available on leading online fashion sites which you can pick from.

Here are our top favourites:

* Graphic prints. They’re back, and they’re so much fun! For some reason, graphic prints on tees find more favour in women’s tops than they do for men’s tees. It’s all part of the charm of being a woman, we suppose! The trend this season is to have fun captions or superhero caricatures or just random lettering in different fonts.

Why you must own it: Because graphic tees are girly and youthful, and they lend a fun vibe to your persona. If you’re looking to lift your mood, buy a graphic women’s top and step out with a smile.

* Embroidered sleeves. It is the height of summer, and though you would like to wear very little and feel comfortable, you still need to protect your skin from harmful UV radiation. The best way to do this is to wear full sleeved cotton clothing. But why not add a fun element to your basic cotton top – buy a top with embroidered sleeves and a plain body. The sleeves are really fun and flirty, and they take attention away from a heavy torso if you suffer from that problem.

Why you must own it: Because it looks great on everyone, and it makes a boring plain top come alive with colour. You can have embroidered sleeves on plain kurtis too.

* Strappies. Summer brings with it tank and tube tops, but what really gets our fancy is tops with thin straps. Known fondly as ‘strappies’ these are great additions to your wardrobe this season. They provide a lot of ventilation to keep you cool on hot days. You can wear them over shorts, jeans, skirts or leggings. Pick out strappy tops in chiffons or light cotton to keep really cool – and to look cool, too.

Why you must own it: Because they are ideal summer wear, whether you’re going to the beach or a movie at the multiplex. Besides, they give you a great excuse to show off your toned arms.

* Colour blocking blouses. Colour blocking is a major trend in women’s fashion this year, and it is being used to the hilt in tops for women. Colour blocking helps to slim down the torso, so it’s great for apple shaped figures. Try colour blocking in a sleeveless women’s top if you have a heavier torso or chubby arms.

Why you must own it: Because a colour blocking women’s top is suitable for both office wear and a casual evening out with friends.

* Sleeveless in chiffon. Chiffon tops are flirty and feminine, and they look great on any body type. This summer, go for sleeveless chiffon tops with a delicate floral or animal print, and pair it with jeans or capris. Finish with a sun hat and head out to a picnic with your friends.

Why you must own it: Because it will keep you cool and effortlessly stylish.